JB Edify Studio

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Singing is second nature to this talented unsigned artist. When asked why he chose "JB Edify" as his stage name. John shares how the word "Edify" changed his life. Inspired by Romans 14:19 in the Holly Bible. John feels "Following after things which make for peace and follow those things in which one may edify another." describes me best. "I believe I am the Edify man."

John engineers his own music When played back he sings and records the lyrics and arrangement on the spot. John does not write his lyrics.  He does not know what he is going sing until the words just pour out from his spirit, which is inspired by the music he hears. He lets his inner man give him the words that he sings. When the music and lyrics are laid down he adds the background vocals and completes the track and then master for release. His goal is to edify the listener.